Eğitim İş Uluslararası

EĞİTİM-İŞ Labour Union of the Labourers of Education and Science


Objectives of the Labour Union

  • Struggles for maintaining and developing the common economic, social, proffessional, organizational, employee benefits and rights of its members as well as all working class. In addition, the Union aims to provide a dignified life standard to all members of the working class.
  • Struggles for everyone to receive contemporary, scientific, secular, democratic, equal, free and qualified education.
  • Relying on the members’ power, the Union makes effort to maintain and develop the sovereignty, unity, secular formation, democratization and national education objectives of the Republic of Turkey that has been leaded by Atatürk.
  • Utilizes the facilities of the work places, universities and other relevant institutions in order to develop the professional capability and quality of its members.
  • Struggles for international provisional adjustment of working conditions, maintanence and improvement of rights and freedoms as well as recognition of union rights, including right to strike and collective agreement.
  • Struggles to establish a labour conscious approach in membership.
  • Struggles to provide both national and international solidarity, fraternity and cooperation within the service branch.
  • Struggles to strengthen and improve respect to fraternity, solidarity, tolerence, human rights and democracy through training and education.
  • Struggles for occupational safety, right to work, social justice and social security.
  • Struggles against discrimination of women in professional and social life as well as for children’s rights and social integration of handicapped and dependent citizens relevant with the universal criteria.
  • Struggles for retention and support of art and artists.
  • Supports the struggles against environmental pollution and distortion of habitat for a healthy and stable social life. Performs studies for preserving history, culture, natural assets, subterranean and surface resources.
  • Supports sports and campaigns for deployment of sports throughout the society.
  • Works for peace in national and international scale.
  • Enforces the right to strike when necessary relying on the rights evolved from international conventions.

Name, Headquarters and Adress of the Union

  • Name of the Labour Union is “Labour Union of the Labourers of Education and Science” and Abbreviation is EĞİTİM-İŞ.
  • Headquarters of the Union is in Ankara.
  • Adress: Ziya Gökalp Caddesi, Ataç Sokak No: 43/4 Kızılay Ankara TURKEY
  • Service Branch of the Union is education, training and science.

Basic Principles and Merits of the Union

  • Embraces the Republican Revolution and its merits. Aims to carry out these merits to a contemporary level in accordance with equality, justice and freedom.
  • Puts strong emphasis on the secularism principal that the Republic of Turkey has been built on. Stands for freedom of conscious and religion as well as stands against opression of people subject to their thoughts and beliefs.
  • The Union is an anti-imperialist organisation and is for sovereignity.
  • The Union is against racism, reactionism and seperatism. It is also for the equality of human beings with non-discrimination principle regarding race, ethnicity, culture, religion, sex, etc.
  • Considers labour as the supreme merit and acquires class and mass unionism.
  • Endeavours the right to perform political activity of the government employees while not interfering an organic relation with any political institution.
  • Sticks to the democratic rules and ethics in establising administrative bodies. Respects the right to power of the majority as well as the right to reach majority of the opposition.
  • Guards the priority of students’ rights. Endeavours to protect children, youth and the handicapped.
  • Endeavours to develop social solidarity among the members.
  • Acknowledges the democratic centralism principal in decision making and implementation of decisions.
  • Acknowledges union sovereignity as a basic principal.
  • Puts strong emphasis on the rule of law and keeps abreast of the constitutional state, ensuring the freedom and rights of the people as well as independence of judiciary regarding the rulers.
  • Accredits the significance of just distribution of income in achieving the struggle against unemployment and poverty.
  • Supports the studies and struggles for maintaining the consumer rights. Stands against corruption.

Terms of Reference and Mission of the Union

Eğitim-İş acquires the rights and terms of reference below that arises from national and international law and rights:

  • Performs studies in order to ensure the members of the Union to have power and control at the instiutions where government employees are to be represented and sends representatives to the councils of concern.
  • Endeavours to organize the government employees in the labour branch represented by the Union and to provide the largest union organization.
  • Runs collective bargaining agreements and conducts legal procedures as well as democratic and legitimate actions in order to achieve the rights of the labour of concern.
  • Conducts legal procedures for the members where it stems from legal rights. Supports and provides legal aid to the members.
  • Affiliates with national and international institutions that are in conformity with the goals and principals of the Union in order to maintain and develop the rights of the members. Sends representatives and observers to the assemblies of the named institutions as well as invites them to the meetings and assemblies of its own; exchanges publications; develops coordination.
  • Holds workshops, seminars, conferences, assemblies and relevant training and cultural sessions in order to achieve its goals.
  • Founds and runs libraries, day care centers, nurseries, training, leisure and health facilities for the members.
  • Launches cooperatives for the members and launches loans not exceeding 10 percent of the stock cash.
  • Associates with the members in case of accidents, loss, death, unemployment as well as with the families of members who have lost their lives in natural disasters, terror actions.
  • Donates to the public institutions in case of natural disasters, not exceeding 10 percent of the stock cash.
  • Takes action to ensure the female members to become active in professional life as well as at the union.
  • Releases publications like journals, newsletters, books as well as launches and runs radio, tv channels and websites.
  • Endeavours studies in professional training, information and experience for members.
  • Provides strike funds for members who suffer loss while enforcing democratic rights.